Witch Risen Released And Other Series news

witch-risen-rebrandHot Off The Press

It’s here! It’s here! Launch day for Witch Risen: A Paranormal Adventure, Book Two in the Bad Tom Series is here.

Book Two continues from where the epilogue of The Familiar left off. It was cruel, I know, after such a happy ending for Tom and Cassie for me to complicate their lives that way. But aren’t you just dying to know how Tom saves the day? Click the link above and buy the book, or read it with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Be ready for adventure, twists and turns, and one huge surprise! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Go grab it. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Up Next: Nine Lives

Tom and Cassie’s story isn’t quite over with Witch Risen, so you can expect one more adventure before you find out whether or not a sixties werecat and a modern witch can find a happy ending. I’m hard at work on the rough draft of Nine Lives, which is now nearly complete. Based on the feedback from those in-the-know, fans of the series are going to love the way it ends.

Coming Soon: More Witches!

But wait…you don’t want to say goodbye to the witches of Giles after you’ve gotten to know them? Maybe you won’t have to. I love them, too, particularly some of the characters who become more important in Witch Risen, and I want to keep their stories going. Keep an eye out for the (tentatively titled) Witches of Giles Cozy Mysteries in 2016! Don’t worry, Tom will still be around, but the ladies will have (and make the most of) center stage.

And Finally, Fae Unbound Series News

For those of you who are fans of my Fae Unbound YA series, I’ve now finished the rough draft of Wizard’s Wrath, the fourth book in the series. It should also be out in early 2016. I hope to have more news on that at the beginning of the year. If you haven’t checked it out yet, and you enjoy YA books, that series is also now available on Kindle Unlimited. While it’s written for a young audience than Bad Tom, it has the same sense of adventure and fun.

Okay, that’s it. Don’t hesitate to contact me, if the mood strikes, from the Contact form on the site with any questions, comments, complaints, witty bon mots, or weird ruminations. I’ll be here waiting. Stuck at the computer. Slave to the muse.

These days, I kind of wish I had a slightly lazier muse 🙂


Witch Risen (Bad Tom #2) on its way to beta readers

witch-risen-rebrand I’ve been working furiously to make sure that the second book in the Bad Tom Series is available quickly after the first one goes on sale. I feel I owe it to you guys because maybe the epilogue in the first book contains something a little cliff-hangery. Maybe.

I always finish a book’s major storyline by the end of that book, but sometimes I set a little something up for the next one. A teaser, a taste, if you will.

Look, all I’m saying is if you hate, hate, hate cliffhangers of any kind OR you have no intention of ever reading another book in the series because it was just grievously bad or something, don’t read the epilogue. Just don’t do it. Fair warning, right?

But if you do read the epilogue to The Familiar (and you’ll definitely want to do that before you start book two), you can rest assured that the next book is going to be available soon. It’s going out to the beta readers as soon as tonight. I expect the second book to be up for preorder the day after the first one goes live on September 15th.

Sure, sure, I could be getting ahead of myself. But I’m sitting here looking at a finished book that only needs beta reading and the last couple of proofreading passes once any changes my beta readers suggest are made. I’m feeling confident. It will happen even if I have to stay up late every night, propping my eyes open with toothpicks.

I’ll be going on to finish up Wizard’s Wrath: Book Four in the Fae Unbound Teen Young Adult Series before I complete Bad Tom #3, so for fans of that series, that’s some good news. I know you’ve been waiting a while. (Thank you for that, by the way – I have had too many stories competing for my attention lately.)


UPDATE: I WON! Whew. Glad that’s over. (Kindle Scout Campaign)

The Familiar: Book One in the Bad Tom SeriesUPDATED 7/26: The campaign was so successful that I learned very early this morning that my book was selected for publication! I’m just too lazy to write a whole new blog entry! Please accept this overload of exclamation points instead!


So, my Kindle Scout campaign has ended, and I expect to hear if the book was selected at any time in the next few days. Obviously, I will be publishing the series even if Amazon rejects it, but I want it to be selected for publication. A little. Or maybe a lot.

The campaign was quite successful. The book was all Hot & Trendy on the site quite often based on reader support. Nobody’s jaw dropped more than mine on that one, believe me. But as an Indie author who publishes through the imprint I share with a few friends (IndieHeart Press), I sometimes long for the validation of an editor, any editor (other than the one I hire who obviously can’t be trusted), saying “Yes, you are a real author. You may join us now at this very exclusive table over here, away from the rabble.”

Then again, I’m mucho comfortable in the rabble, and my readers are the ginchiest. So, nah. I don’t need to sit at the head table with the cool kids to feel good about the books. I’m very proud of The Familiar no matter what happens, and I hope that some of you will like it, too!

Thank you, thank you, for your support. I’ll post with the outcome as soon as I know. Until then, please enjoy this picture of the covers for the full series. I like them. How about you?