Jill Nojack has rarely managed to make a living from the pursuit of her creative endeavors. Instead, she is a corporate drone who stays up late to indulge her passions.

Ms. Nojack has cred. Way back in the long ago, she romped through a degree in English. She followed it up with a Master’s degree in Sociology. During her time at University she served on the staff of the school’s literary magazine. She eventually stepped in to the editor’s role.

Shortly after graduation, she published several short works (stories and poetry) in small press. Like most young people who hope to pursue the creative life after college, she quickly realized you can’t feed your family in copies or with pennies from the coffee shop “tip the musician” jar. Having achieved financial stability, and no longer having a family to feed, Jill is free to return to her love of writing as the focus of her leisure time.

When she isn’t exploring her creative side, Jill enjoys laughing too loud and long in public and talking about herself in third person. She resides in the great American Midwest with a long-suffering cat.

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