Paranormal Mystery Series

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Natalie Taylor, High Priestess of the coven in quirky Giles, Massachusetts, just wants to stop seeing dead people. Then a body is found in Corey Woods and she has a chance to prove the man she loved wasn’t guilty of identical murders years ago. To catch the real killer, she’s going to need help from both the living and the dead.

The Innocent Dead: A Witch Cozy Mystery is now an audiobook narrated by Brian Callanan. Check out the sample on!

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Audiobook Now Available

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Maid, Mother, and Crone Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series

The Innocent Dead - Jill Nojack

The Innocent Dead

Natalie Taylor, High Priestess of the coven in quirky Giles, Massachusetts, just wants to stop seeing dead people, but when a local resident turns up murdered, she can’t avoid confronting her ghosts.

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The Innocent Dead - Jill Nojack

The Empty Cradle

When mysterious triplets are born to a local resident, Natalie is sure she feels the power of an old enemy at work. Will her magic be enough to catch a murderer and save a missing child?

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The Innocent Dead - Jill Nojack

The Midsummer Murders

After an antique potion bottle disappears from a local boutique, no one who touched it is safe. Can the Maid, Mother, and Crone solve the mystery before it’s too late?

Coming in early 2018…
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Bad Tom Series

The Innocent Dead - Jill Nojack

The Familiar

Tom has been mostly cat for a long time, but when the witch who enslaved him dies, he has one last chance to become a man again. He just needs to tell Cassie that he’s trapped in the body of the kitten she cuddles at night…

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Witch Risen - Jill Nojack

Witch Risen

Tom is willing to sacrifice everything to save the girl he loves, but when his former captor finds a way to strike from beyond the grave, will his last two lives and a little help from his witchy friends be enough to save her?

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The Innocent Dead - Jill Nojack

Nine Lives

When a tail-wagging stray shows up at the door of Cat’s Magical Shoppe and charms Cassie into taking him in, Tom winds up in the dog house. Will he risk the last of his nine lives to save the town and find his happy ending?

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Fae Unbound Young Adult Fantasy Series

Magic Unbound - Jill Nojack

Magic Unbound

Not-quite-sixteen year old Lizbet Moore expects a boring last month of summer vacation and she gets what she’s expecting until a fifteen hundred year old Fae shows up in her backyard and slaps an ancient amulet around her neck.
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Queen of the Fae - Jill Nojack

Queen of the Fae

After Fae Day, all Lizbet wants is for things to go back to normal. But in addition to sporting a brand new set of useless wings, she has to cope with mood swings, headaches, and an ancient fae queen who wants to steal her boyfriend.
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Dragon Tender - Jill Nojack

Dragon Tender

Seventeen year old elf Avenall lives a solitary life as a Dragon Tender. He has no family left but the dragons. When he learns the elves plan to use them as weapons, he steals them and crosses the ocean to warn the Queen of the Fae.
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The Innocent Dead - Jill Nojack

Wizard's Wrath

When Lizbet goes missing, James will risk everything, including dabbling with dangerous Old Magic, to find her and bring her home again. But will his anger consume him when he discovers she has promised to marry someone else?
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Author Information

Jill NojackJill Nojack has rarely managed to make a living from the pursuit of her creative endeavors. Instead, she is a corporate drone who stays up late to indulge her passions. Even so, Ms. Nojack has cred. Way back in the long ago, she romped through a degree in English. She followed it up with a Master’s degree in Sociology. During her time at University she served on the staff of the school’s literary magazine. She eventually stepped in to the editor’s role. Shortly after graduation, she published several short works (stories and poetry) in small press.

Like most young people who hope to pursue the creative life after college, she quickly realized you can’t feed your family in copies or with pennies from the coffee shop “tip the musician” jar. Having achieved financial stability, and no longer having a family to feed, Jill is free to return to her love of writing as the focus of her leisure time. When she isn’t exploring her creative side, Jill enjoys laughing too loud and long in public and talking about herself in third person. She resides in the great American Midwest with a long-suffering cat.


Contact Jill Nojack

I love to hear from readers, so please don’t hesitate to drop me a line! I am always happy to respond to whatever you might have on your mind. You can shoot me an email at:


You can also catch up with me on Facebook, but I am not very active there. Just call me old skool. Or old. Whatever.

Raves for The Familiar!

“The Familiar is a cool quirky story told in the Ms. Nojack voice, which is itself cool and quirky.”

Max Tomlinson, Author
The Cain File


“… whisking me into a quaint town full of witches and weasels and making me genuinely happy to be stuck in bed for a day.”

R. E. Carr, Author
Rules Undying Series


“It didn’t suck.”

Scott Bolotin, So-Called Friend