The Maid, Mother, and Crone Paranormal Mystery Series

Natalie Taylor, High Priestess of the coven in quirky Giles, Massachusetts, just wants to stop seeing dead people. With all the elements of her long-planned ritual now in place, she can finally push the ghosts away.

But when a body is found in Corey Woods, giving her the opportunity to prove her long-lost love wasn’t guilty of similar murders years ago, some of the answers she needs lie on the far side of the veil. She’ll need help from both the living and the dead to track down the real killer.

The Innocent Dead is available in audiobook format from Amazon/Audible and iTunes.

When a local resident is killed, one child in a set of mysterious triplets goes missing, and rumors fly about a monster in Corey Woods, it all points to one conclusion: Natalie Taylor’s old rival has a hold on the town from beyond the grave. With magic involved in the crime, it’s her duty to find the missing child and bring the murderer to justice.

It’s true that Natalie can be one crusty old curmudgeon, but she doesn’t like to throw cold water on happy events unless she has to. Still, she’s wary of the role the previous high priestess played in the triplet’s births. It’s clear she’s going to need help from both the living and the dead to fill the town’s empty cradle.

When an elderly witch leaves a freshly mummified corpse that is rapidly crumbling to dust, magic must be to blame, mustn’t it? But when Natalie Taylor, high priestess of the local coven, investigates, she finds no magic present. Not a crumb. She’ll have to leave it to the town’s coroner to sort this one out. She’s got too much on her mind anyway with crows, faires, and a disobedient trainee witch.

But when two more witches crumble to dust, it doesn’t matter if she’s dealing with magical murder or a murderous plague; the people she loves are in mortal danger. Can she find the cause and stop it before one of them is taken?

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The Bad Tom Series

Tom has been mostly cat for a long time, but when the witch who enslaved him dies, he has one last chance to become a man again and maybe to find love, too.

He just needs to tell Cassie, a sensible girl who knows nothing about the witchy business all around her, that he’s trapped in the body of the kitten she cuddles at night. But cats aren’t known for their conversational skills, and a powerful warlock is determined to take Cassie for himself. To make things worse, Tom is rapidly running out of lives.

Sometimes a cat has to man up…

After over forty years enslaved in the body of a cat, Tom finally has a second chance. He’s regained his freedom and found happiness in the arms of kind, beautiful Cassie, who has eagerly embraced both Tom and her new-found talent as a witch. Tom’s future is looking bright.

But his former captor, Eunice, isn’t done with him even after the whole town turned out to her funeral. She’s back, and she’s bent on taking everything away again, with Cassie at the top of the list. Tom is willing to sacrifice everything to save the girl he loves, but will his last two lives and a little help from his witchy friends be enough?

After years of living as a not-so-simple feline, Tom has saved up every dime for a ring that will hopefully convince beautiful Cassie to be his forever, and guarantee the Diner of Earthly Delights, the old family business, will be his again.

But when Blackie, a tail-wagging, rump-wiggling, adorable stray, shows up at the door of Cat’s Magical Shoppe and charms Cassie into taking him in, Tom winds up in the dog house instead of the new mutt in town. Before long, Tom has to put the last of his nine lives on the line before everyone’s happy ending disappears forever.

Nine Lives is the final book in the Bad Tom Series.

Fae Unbound Series (Young Adult)

Not-quite-sixteen year old Lizbet Moore expects a boring last month of summer vacation, and she gets what she’s expecting until a fifteen hundred year old Fae named Eamon shows up in her backyard disguised as a down-on-his-luck garden gnome. When he slips an ancient amulet around her neck, the memories of her many past life as Morgan Le Fae comes slamming back to her to change her summer plans in a way she could never have expected.

Now she’s in a race against time and murderous monks. Can one girl, one guy, and one gruagach save the entire race of the fae?

Amonth after she freed the fae, all Lizbet wants is for things to go back to normal. In addition to sporting a brand new set of useless wings, she has to cope with mood swings, headaches, and an ancient fae queen who wants to steal her boyfriend. Could things get any less normal than that?

The answer is yes: things can get a *lot* less normal than that. Throw in some controlling gnomes, a little brother who feels left out, plus a fae-worshipping ex-monk next door, and things can get crazy-less-than-normal fast. As Lizbet and her friends learn to use and control their magical powers, will they have what it takes to face down a new threat?

Seventeen year old elf Avenall lives a solitary life as a Dragon Tender. He has no family left but the dragons. When he learns the elves have plans to use them as weapons against the humans, he steals them and crosses the ocean to warn the Queen of the Fae, rejecting the goal of war pursued by his own people.

Queen Lizbet welcomes him warmly because he has a face she recognizes from long ago. But will his help be enough to prevent an elvin war and the destruction of human technology?

Nineteen-year-old wizard James never imagined he would meet a girl like Lizbet. She’s smart, funny, and…oh yeah, queen of the fae. In a world turned upside down, they both have their hands full helping put it back together.

But when Lizbet goes missing just before leading the raid to steal the last of the captive dragons from the elves, even his most powerful spells can’t find her. James will risk everything, including dabbling with dangerous Old Magic, to find her and bring her home again.

Too bad a powerful ancient rival has plans to make the queen his own.

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