Nine LivesTom and Cassie fans don’t have to wait any longer. You can grab your copy of Nine Lives: Book Three in the Bad Tom Series on The book ties up sexy cat-shifter Tom’s story in a way I think fans of Tom and Cassie’s relationship will really enjoy.

If you haven’t yet purchased Witch Risen: Book Two in the Bad Tom series, you are in luck! The book is on sale for 99 cents through Sunday, April 23rd. Note: I will return to releasing new books at at a 99 cent “friends and family” price to newsletter subscribers with my next series, so stay subscribed and save some cash.

I have two series in the planning stages while I finish Wizard’s Wrath: Book Four in the Fae Unbound series. They include a spin off from Bad Tom which features my favorite witches (Natalie, Gillian, and Cassie, if you didn’t know) while they solve some very paranormal cozy mysteries. I hope you’ll check them out when the arrive.

I am also in the beginning stages of my Angels/Demons series. I’m not sure which set of books will begin appearing first. Obviously, whatever it is, my newsletter subscribers will be the first to know!

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