The Familiar: Book One in the Bad Tom SeriesUPDATED 7/26: The campaign was so successful that I learned very early this morning that my book was selected for publication! I’m just too lazy to write a whole new blog entry! Please accept this overload of exclamation points instead!


So, my Kindle Scout campaign has ended, and I expect to hear if the book was selected at any time in the next few days. Obviously, I will be publishing the series even if Amazon rejects it, but I want it to be selected for publication. A little. Or maybe a lot.

The campaign was quite successful. The book was all Hot & Trendy on the site quite often based on reader support. Nobody’s jaw dropped more than mine on that one, believe me. But as an Indie author who publishes through the imprint I share with a few friends (IndieHeart Press), I sometimes long for the validation of an editor, any editor (other than the one I hire who obviously can’t be trusted), saying “Yes, you are a real author. You may join us now at this very exclusive table over here, away from the rabble.”

Then again, I’m mucho comfortable in the rabble, and my readers are the ginchiest. So, nah. I don’t need to sit at the head table with the cool kids to feel good about the books. I’m very proud of The Familiar no matter what happens, and I hope that some of you will like it, too!

Thank you, thank you, for your support. I’ll post with the outcome as soon as I know. Until then, please enjoy this picture of the covers for the full series. I like them. How about you?